Highly skilled and flexible dedicated team solutions. From the business analysis to the implementation and L2 production support.

Backend Stack
Node.js (TypeScript) is the main technology we use to power up our backend solutions. We are also familiar with the other technologies like Java that allows us to use the right one based on the specific project requirements and needs.
Frontend Stack
Business requirements and priorities first. We do single page application development, but only for applications. We never suggest our partners to invest into the technology they don't need or we think may become a technical dept in a long run. That is why we strongly believe there is still a place in the world for the plain old server side rendering solutions that can work over multiple years without a need to spent a single cent to maintain it without a business need.
Build, deploy and ship. Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, Rancher, Terraform - these words don't surprise us. We have experience to provide the full CI/CD, blue/green and canary deployments, 24/7 L2 support and much more.
UI/UX Design
Storyboards, user flows, personas, low and high fidelity wireframes, interactive prototype, developing and/or following corporate design style guides. Only the high quality UI/UX design.
Every software has bugs. 100% unit, integration test coverage doesn’t mean the app is bug free. Our team of the best in the class quality assurance engineers help to find issues on the early stages to prevent any possibility of severe bugs ever going to the production environment.
Haven’t found a Project Manager, Business Analyst or Technical Writer? Don’t worry, we have them too. Contact us and tell what you need and most likely we can cover that.
From the early days and since today FireBlink is working with small, medium and big organizations, including the ones listed in Fortune 500 list. However we never publicly expose our partners' logos or names, as we honor their privacy and reputation.
Your email address will only be used to contact you. We're not storing, selling or use it in any other way.
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