iRegEx is a developer tool which can help you to work with regular expressions. It will highlight matched text in real-time. You can simply type and get results on the screen at once. It's really easy to use. If you have never known regular expression syntax before - no problem, iRegEx contains built in syntax library and some basic samples. So it is easy to learn syntax with iRegEx. If you are a real professional and often deal with regular expressions this app can save your patterns for later use.

iRegEx - easy to use, easy to learn, easy to create regular expression patterns.


  • real time results: shows results as you type;
  • match highlightings;
  • expression validation;
  • ability to highlight each separate regex group in a match;
  • contains regex samples: double click entries to insert them into your expression;
  • can export mathes to CSV file;
  • will fit needs not only someone who is learning regex syntax, but also needs of people who know it.